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Arizona boy pleads guilty to 3 probation violations

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. – A St. John’s boy who acknowledged fatally shooting his
father’s friend pleaded guilty Friday to a trio of probation violations.

Prosecutors offered to drop the majority of alleged violations against the
12-year-old boy if he acknowledged twice leaving a residential treatment center
without permission and destroying a wall clock.

A spokeswoman for the Apache County Superior Court says the boy pleaded guilty
to three probation violations, and 12 other allegations were dismissed.

The boy was 8 when he was charged in a double homicide in St. Johns in 2008.

He eventually pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in the death of his father’s
friend and was sentenced to residential treatment. Prosecutors dropped a murder
charge against the boy in his father’s death.

Sentencing on the probation violations is set for Aug. 10.