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Phoenix baby in critical condition after being pulled from pool

A 1-year-old baby who was pulled from a northwest Phoenix pool by his brother is in critical condition, the Phoenix Fire Department said.

“You’re talking about a 1-year-old baby that probably crawled it’s way out to the pool,” said Phoenix Fire Department Captain Rich Bauer.

The mother said the child was under water for about one minute, but was not sure.

“Mother claims she thought the baby was underwater for only one minute,” said Bauer. “It usually takes an average of four to five minutes for the heart [to stop beating], stop breathing and [causing] brain damage. It looks very grim at this point.”

According to Bauer, the baby did not have a pulse and was not breathing when paramedics arrived. The mother had performed CPR on the baby.

Bauer said that, with the number of child drownings or near-drownings on the rise as the Valley moves deeper into summer, it can get frustrating for firefighters.

“We talk about it, we talk about it and we preach about it, so it’s a tough pill to swallow,” he said.

The pool was not fenced.

The baby is currently in critical condition.

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