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GOP spokesman says use of vulgar term ‘asexual’

PHOENIX – An Arizona Republican Party spokesman says he stands by his use
of a coarse term to describe published criticism of party officials.

Party spokesman Shane Wikfors says he used the two-word term as common
vernacular for a gathering in which people complain.

Wikfors used it in a blog post reacting to Arizona Republic columnist Laurie
Roberts quoting of Republican political consultant Kathy Petsas as saying party
officials are ideologues who aren’t working to build broad-based support.

Wikfors’ use of the term has drawn criticism on the blogosphere, with some
postings saying it was part of a Republican “war on women.”

Wikfors says his usage of the term was asexual and not directed at either
woman. He says his criticism was aimed at challenging people to get involved,
not merely complain.