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Arizona House of Representatives Speaker statement on immigration policy

The following statement from Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Andy Tobin, was posted on, the website for the Arizona House Republican Caucus.

It is quoted verbatim.

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (June 15, 2012) – The Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Andy Tobin (R-Dist. 1), vehemently rejects the motives and legitimacy of President Obama’s latest executive order. The administration announced its intention to implement the order earlier this morning in a Department of Homeland Security press release. The executive order states that for the next two years, the federal government will grant amnesty to illegal immigrants in the form of a new federally managed “Work Permit”.
Speaker Tobin asks; “If being in the U.S. illegally means you are violating federal law, what person residing here illegally could possibly be eligible for this work permit? Mr. President, secure the border first! I can assure you that in Arizona, despite assurances made by Secretary Napolitano, the border is not ‘more secure than ever’ nor is the private sector ‘doing just fine’ as you stated recently. Your solution is to maintain the rampant inroads that the drug and human trafficking trades have made in Arizona”.

He continues, “This amnesty order is just one more example of duly elected members of the U.S. Congress, whom the American people chose to represent them, being circumvented to satisfy the political whims of this struggling administration seeking to pander to the Hispanic Community in an election year. Through this executive order, President Obama has denied the American people the transparency he promised as a candidate”.