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Phoenix Mayor Stanton stands up for new immigration policy

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told 92.3 KTAR’s Bruce St.
James on Friday that President Obama’s immigration plan
was “a good step in the right direction, particularly for
a city like ours.”

Stanton, speaking from Orlando, Fla. where he is attending
a mayors’ conference, added it was good economic policy.
Thursday, Stanton signed on to a DREAM Act resolution at
the conference.

“These are young people who have chosen to serve this
country in the military, making the decisions we want them
to make,” Stanton said. “This provides certainty that
those young people will not be deported under federal
immigration policies.”

Asked whether the president’s action was an end-around
Congress, Stanton said, “There’s an issue whether this is
the DREAM act or not the DREAM Act.”

“This is not the DREAM Act — the DREAM Act has to be
passed by Congress. Today’s announcement really has to do
with the policies concerning ICE and the deportation
policies and that decision is certainly in the purview of
the administration.”