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Enthusiasts having blast with ‘zombie’ ammo

PHOENIX — A Nebraska ammunitions maker recently released its new “Zombie Max,” or Z-Max, ammunition, specially made for those prepping for the zombie apocalypse.

“A lot of people are really excited about the stuff, if nothing else for a great prop,” said Don Gallardo, manager at Shooter’s World in Phoenix.

“People get it for their ‘zombie preparedness kit.’ It’s a really fun thing to have and a really fun conversation piece for those who are into it.”

Z-Max ammo is made for handguns such as a 9mm Lugar or a .40-caliber S&W, but is also made for the .308 Winchester rifle and 12-gauge shotgun.

The bullets, made by Hornaday Manufacturing, are like standard hollow-point rounds, except the polymer paint inside is neon green and they come in a special box.

The price of the ammo is also cheaper than similar non-zombie rounds.