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New immigration policy is the right decision

The decision by Homeland Security is a proper

We have argued this point before. The President says
if an illegal immigrant was in America prior to 16 years
old and not yet 30, they are home free.

NO criminal record, NO national security risk, NO

The big add that I have insisted upon, NO CITIZENSHIP.

These young people were brought here by parents who did
not ask their 3-year-old if he or she wanted to go to

They have been here living in the shadows, fearing arrest
and deportation. That’s over now. They can continue
working, going to school and serving in the armed forces
of this country.

The immigration laws should not remove productive young
people who know no country but this one as their home.

I know many of you have disagreed with me on this issue.

This will absolutely drive the “WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND
ABOUT ILLEGAL” folks among us into a frenzy.

My real regret is that it was introduced by Barak Obama
and not Mitt Romney.

This will have a giant affect on Latino voters.