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Americans forced to pick a side when the answer is somewhere in the middle

Besides the obvious election year pandering this
Executive Order exposes, the larger concern is the effect
this will have on the national discussion on illegal

The President is dividing this country once again for
short term electoral gain.

Instead of actively pursuing The Dream Act and finding
compromise in Congress, the President will do an end-
around and only further entrench the extremes in this

We cannot deport or lock up 12 million people, nor should
we have open borders and no idea of who is entering

Also, the assumption is everyone here illegally wants to
be a citizen as opposed to those who come here solely for
economic reasons.

The Executive Branch has done nothing to help the plight
of those here illegally and has only ignited the fires
once again, forcing Americans to pick a side of the fence
when the solution is somewhere in the middle.