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Phoenix man to be buried with full military honors

PHOENIX – Federal authorities say the remains of a Phoenix man and another
Air Force pilot missing in action during the Vietnam War have been identified.

The U.S. Department of Defense announced Thursday that both servicemen will be
buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Lt. Col. Charles M. Walling of Phoenix will be buried Friday and Maj. Aado
Kommendant of Lakewood, N.J., on Aug. 8.

Walling and Kommendant were flying an F-4C aircraft that crashed while on an
air support mission over Song Be Province on Aug. 8, 1966.

In 1994, a joint U.S.-Socialist Republic of Vietnam excavated the crash site
and recovered a metal identification tag with Walling’s name plus other military
equipment. In 2010, the site was excavated again and human remains were