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Volkswagen, Ford, Honda top Arizona teen car list

When it comes to a teen’s car, oftentimes the parents and teen can’t agree on too much.

But as car makers take notice, more vehicles are coming out with looks that teens like and safety features that make parents feel comfortable.

“Parents and teens seeing eye to eye on a vehicle can be tough,” said Don Nunnari, vice president of automotive services for AAA Arizona in a press release. “However, there are a variety of safe, reliable and stylish vehicles on the market that will fit into the budget, thereby satisfying parent needs and teen wants.”

Some of the top cars in Arizona are the Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit TDI, a diesel-powered hatchback that is big on mileage and safety, the Ford Focus, a small sedan known for good mileage and some neat features and the perennial Honda Civic.

When it comes to buying cars, AAA of Arizona’s car buying consultant Kouron Butler said its better for the parent and teen to work as a team, rather than the parent going out and looking alone.

“When you’re getting your teen ready for the road, it’s very important to have that team there and physically in the cars because everybody’s depth perception when they’re sitting behind the wheel of a car is going to be different,” he said.

Butler also said it is good to involve the teen in the purchase process to make sure the car is the right fit for everybody.

Other cars on the list were the Hyundai Sonata, the Ford Fusion and the Kia Sportage. The Sportage was the only crossover vehicle on the list. The rest were sedans, coupes or hatchbacks.

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