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Money found to pay restitution owed by ex-lawyer

PHOENIX — Maricopa County authorities said they’ve tracked down assets
belonging to a former attorney who owes restitution to numerous victims under
theft convictions.

The County Attorney’s Office said Gary Jay Karpin owes $240,000 in restitution
to 25 victims but tried to avoid paying it by transferring his assets to others.

The office said it has found and seized assets totaling more than $197,000 and
is taking steps to pay the restitution to the victims under a recent court

Karpin was disbarred in Vermont and then practiced divorce law in Arizona
without being licensed.

He was convicted in 2008 of theft for accepting fees and failing to provide
promised legal services.

Authorities said Karpin is serving a 15-year term at the state prison
complex in Yuma.