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Scottsdale introducing wildlife feeding fines

Sitting on a park bench, feeding the ducks and enjoying the surroundings may sound like a great day, but one of those acts now carries a fine in Scottsdale.

The city passed an ordinance that now prohibits people from feeding waterfowl.

“This step is designed to help us control that bird population in the parks and make sure that the population is healthy and well maintained and something that is safe and enjoyable for everybody at the park,” said Kelley Corsette with the city of Scottsdale.

According to Corsette, the number of waterfowl in Scottsdale has already begun to harm the city’s lakes.

“It was getting to the point where the number of waterfowl was starting to harm the quality of the water and the fish in the lake were suffering,” he said.

Police officer will have the discretion to let people go with a warning if they feed the ducks, geese or other migratory birds, but sever violators can be fined up to $750 and get a maximum jail sentence of four months.

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