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Candidate barred for English deficiency seeks VP seat

PHOENIX — A woman who was barred from running for city council in an
Arizona border town because she isn’t fluent in English is campaigning for a
much higher office.

The Arizona Republic reported Alejandrina Cabrera is
running for vice-president of the United States alongside Utopian Party
presidential candidate Avery Ayers.

Cabrera’s candidacy was first announced Friday.

Cabrera was removed from the March 13 election ballot for San Luis City Council
after officials filed a court action asking for a determination of whether she
had the required English proficiency.

Cabrera has said the action was politically motivated.

Ayers, who is based in Houston and founded the Utopian Party in 2009, said
Cabrera was treated unfairly. Ayers said he has no problem understanding her


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