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Arizona auditors find low Medicaid signup error rate

PHOENIX – State auditors say Arizona’s Medicaid program gets it right
nearly all of the time when determining whether people applying for
government-paid health care are eligible.

The Auditor General’s Office estimates that the Arizona Health Cost Containment
System’s error rate is just over 1 percent.

The office says means the program pays between $3.5 million and $4.8 million a
month for eligible people, out of the program’s monthly payments of $414

Program Director Thomas Betlach (bet-lack) says the error rate is
“commendable” considering that the program’s member services division has lost
two-fifths of its staffing since the recession began while enrollments jumped by
a third.

But Betlach says the program will abide by the auditors’ recommendation for
corrective action.

Steps would include additional training for case workers and more supervision.