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Smaller Valley businesses exiting Facebook for newer rivals

TEMPE, Ariz. — General Motors pulled its advertising from Facebook last month, claiming that the ads with the social-networking giants were ineffective.

The future of using social-media advertising may not rest in Facebook or Twitter anymore. For some smaller businesses, content-sharing services such as Pinterest and Instagram are making the most noise.

“Each image can actually link to the product online, which is a lot easier than Facebook, where you have to have an album set up,” said James Brehmer, sales coordinator for Tempe-based Sportiqe Apparel Company.

Sportiqe makes shirts for the NBA. The playoffs have been a boon as several famous people, including New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker and actor Mark Wahlberg, have been seen at games wearing the shirts.

Photos of those celebrities have become big draws for business, and it’s a draw that Facebook couldn’t give.

“If people like too many brands [on Facebook], it all becomes commercialized and there’s too much spam in your timeline,” said Brehmer.

Using Pinterest and Instragram can be a benefit for smaller companies that don’t have a big marketing budget.

For a product to gain popularity on Pinterest, that can be better than paying for advertising anywhere else.