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Potential Glendale tax hike could put car dealers on move

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Glendale City Council will vote Friday on a proposed agreement with potential Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison at the same they are dealing with a $35 million dollar deficit and considering boosting taxes to 2.9 percent.

That would make it among the highest taxes in the state, in large part, many believe to support the cost of the NHL team.

“Potentially it could cause people to go other cities to buy their cars because the transaction price on a typical car will go up $250-$300 on each car,” said Marc Dubowy of Mark Mitsubishi.

That carries the potential to hurt the city’s car dealerships, which could in turn cause an exodus for greener pastures.

“I understand the dilemma the city is in, but potentially it will lower the revenue if people choose to shop elsewhere because of the higher sales tax, which some will do,” Dubowy said.