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Phoenix teen earns award for act of heroism

A teen’s quick thinking has earned him praise and an award from Phoenix Police.

Alvaro Hernandez, 14, was visiting family members in the area of 1600 E. Palm Lane last winter, when he saw a strange man walking down the street.

The man entered the front yard of a nearby residence where a 9-year-old girl was playing, and began to fondle her. The teen walked to the yard and confronted the man.

“It was weird,” said Hernandez. “He started to touch the girl. I went up to him and told him to stop.”

Hernandez also called police and identified the suspect, which provided officers with the evidence necessary to arrest the suspect. Police said the teen demonstrated incredible courage in this incident.

On Wednesday, Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia called the boy’s actions heroic and courageous.

He presented the teen with a Certificate of Merit for his actions, which helped make the community a safer place by helping take a dangerous criminal off the street.