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Hydration study may not be all wet

PHOENIX — A recent study from an Australian doctor goes against advice that other doctors have given for years: drink lots of water.

But the study said it’s not a matter of drinking water — it’s a matter of drinking fluids.

“A safe amount of water for most would be to aim for half of your body weight in ounces of water daily, but the good news is that beverages like coffee, tea, and other beverages can contribute to our water intake,” said Scottsdale nutrition coach Cate Munroe.

According to Munroe, that doesn’t mean to drink coffee instead of water. It just means it all adds up to the amount of fluids the body needs. Fruits and vegetables can also provide fluids.

One point from the study that Munroe disagreed with was how some products that advertise having better hydration, such as coconut water, are ineffective. She said that not many are as good as advertised.

“I would look first at the sugar content and the ingredients listed,” she said. “Some of them can be healthy, but most of them are just hype.”

One product that Munroe said was as good as advertised was electrolyte-infused Smartwater.