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Judge orders secrecy in Arredondo case

PHOENIX — A federal judge is ordering that some pretrial information that
prosecutors will provide lawyers for an Arizona legislator be kept secret.

Magistrate Lawrence Anderson granted a revised request by prosecutors for
confidentiality of so-called discovery information to be provided to lawyers for
Rep. Ben Arredondo.

Arredondo is accused of soliciting and accepting sports and event tickets from
FBI undercover agents and of disclosing confidential information while a Tempe
City Council member. He has pleaded not guilty.

Anderson’s order covers material about other investigations, sources of
information and personal information such as financial records.

Prosecutors said disclosing the information could jeopardize other undisclosed
investigations and invade the privacy of certain individuals.

Anderson denied prosecutors’ initial request, calling it too broad because it
would have covered all information provided to Arredondo’s lawyers.