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New equipment makes lawn mowing in Arizona heat easier

PHOENIX — With the temperatures over 100 degrees, many people don’t
want to spend a lot of time mowing their lawn.

But there are some lawnmowers on the market that could make the chore
quicker and more bearable.

Paul Burke of A-To-Z Equipment Rentals and Sales in Phoenix said if you
are looking for a new push mower, the Honda HRR216-P is a good model
to try.

“It’s got a heavy-duty deck with a two-blade cutting system, so you get
extra good cut on your grass,” said Burke. “It’s got real good lift, so it bags
real easy.”

The Honda sells for about $420.

For a big lawn, a riding mower is a good option. Starting at about $1,600,
you can get one with all the bells and whistles.

“Most of them come with cup holders,” said Burke. “You can get a sunshade
for them if you want.”

Burke said mowing time can be cut by doing it more often and not letting
the grass get too tall. Also, mowing when the grass is too wet can make it
more difficult to cut.