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Western colleges recruiting more Calif. students

LOS ANGELES — Arizona schools are among the out-of-state universities reaching out to California students, who are facing rising tuition
at the Golden State’s public universities.

Los Angeles Times
reported Monday that schools in Arizona and other
neighboring states are stepping up recruitment of California high school
students, touting special discounts, small classes and course availability.

The University of California and California State University systems have had
to hike tuition, cap enrollment and slash programs as the state cut funding for
four years in a row.

Current UC and CSU students complain that even if they gain admission and pay
increasing fees, they cannot take the courses they need to graduate on time
because of cuts in faculty and programs.

The result has been more California students going to schools in Arizona, Oregon, Washington and other western states.

The universities of Washington and Oregon have both doubled their enrollment of
California students for 2012. Maryville University in St. Louis offers a $5,000
scholarship to California students.


Information from: Los Angeles Times,