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First lady’s Tucson visit cost taxpayers $18,000

TUCSON, Ariz. — First lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Tucson in April cost the
taxpayers just under $18,000.

The Arizona Daily Star
reports that Tucson police used 43 officers, five supervisors and one
helicopter for five hours to help keep Obama safe during her April 30

The first lady spoke to a crowd of 450 supporters who paid anywhere from
$150 to $10,000 to attend a fundraiser at the Tucson Convention Center for
President Obama’s re-election campaign.

A White House spokesman told the Star that the costs would be covered by
the Democratic National Committee or another political committee.

Tucson police Sgt. Maria Hawke says the department hasn’t been reimbursed
for the money and that as far as she knows, never has been reimbursed for
such visits.

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