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ASU creates new computer display

TEMPE, Ariz. — The Arizona State University Flexible Display Center is showing off a new
computer display screen this week in Boston. It’s a
prototype that
flexes like rubber.

“The thing that’s novel about it is that it’s form factor is about the same as
a thin sheet of plastic,” said center director Nick Colaneri.

The screen is 7.4 diagonal inches long. Layers no thicker than a human hair
give the screen the same definition that is found on many tablet
computers. But those layers are placed on a new space-age plastic
instead of glass. The center worked in conjunction with the military to
create the display.

“The army is interested, not so much in displays that can bend, as they are
in displays that are very thin and lightweight, and use less power, and that
don’t break when you bang them really hard,” said Colaneri.

While these displays are being made for the military, Colaneri said that a
commercial application is just around the corner. Companies such as Samsung
are already working on a similar display.

The screen still needs to hook into a computer to work, but in the future
that won’t be as much trouble.

“Things are starting to do more to miniaturize those [systems], and we’re
thinking about how we can make those flexible,” said Colaneri.