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Phoenix child-abuse case results in death

PHOENIX — Phoenix police are now classifying an abuse case
involving a 4-year-old girl as a homicide.

Police say Toryn Buckman was pronounced dead Thursday night after being
taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson tells the
Arizona Republic
the girl’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend
will likely face additional charges.

Ashley Buckman was initially arrested on suspicion of four counts of child
abuse. Her live-in boyfriend, James Edwards, was arrested on suspicion of
two counts of child abuse.

Buckman said during an initial court appearance that she did not cause the
brutality. However, court documents show she told authorities that she
beat her daughter with a clothes hanger and hit her.

Court documents show Edwards told authorities he disciplined the child
using his hands and a remote control and that he had placed the girl in
scalding bathwater.


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