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Relaunch brings Green Lantern out of closet

PHOENIX — One of DC Comics’ oldest heroes will be revealed as gay in the second issue of “Earth 2,” which will be in stores Wednesday.

After weeks of speculation surrounding which character would come out, DC announced Friday that it was Alan Scott, the alter ego of Green Lantern.

“There were people speculating could it be Riddler, Plastic Man, Wally West,” said Thomas Healy with Samurai Comics in Phoenix.

Healy said he expects the “Earth 2” issues to sell out quickly.

“Just for the novelty factor of it,” he said. “A lot of non-comic people are going to come in and take a look at this book because it’s something different. It hit the major news cycles and you don’t see that normally with comics”.

Healy said Alan Scott/Green Lantern is certainly a hero the entire DC universe was founded on and so this is one of the biggest characters to come out as openly gay.