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California’s foie gras ban won’t affect Arizona

PHOENIX — The state of California is banning a popular menu item in some high-end restaurants, but that won’t affect Arizona, a local chef said.

“The reality is, if they’re a good enough chef removing foie gras from your menu shouldn’t make or break your restaurant,” said chef Eddie Matney, owner of Eddie’s House.

“Chefs, especially chefs in Arizona, are very diverse. I don’t think it will make that big of a difference.”

However, the ban could lead to an increase in foie gras.

“It is an expensive product anyway,” said Matney. “If they limit the production of foie gras in the country and they eliminate some of the purveyors or the producers of it, it’s just going to increase the price more so.”

Foie gras sells for about $60 per pound in California.

The ban, which begins July 1, was initiated after a lawsuit was filed that charged producers of the fine food were forcing the ducks to eat using a feeding tube.