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Ghoulish downtown Mesa restaurant closing its doors

MESA, Ariz. — A hauntingly unique Mesa restaurant announced Friday that it would be closing its doors for good.

Monsterland, located on 13th near Main and Center in downtown Mesa, is a horror-themed restaurant that sought to entertain guests along with feeding them.

Originally a haunted house, Monsterland was transformed into a restaurant in April 2012. The owner, Kevin Wynn, in a letter posted on Facebook, the owner said the restaurant was not built to handle the large crowds it attracted.

“We focused on good fresh prepared menu items, Arizona Craft beers, and great service. We struggled at our opening, but am proud to say we have received hundreds of positive reviews and compliments the past 9 months,” the letter read.

Wynn said he is looking for someone to take over the restaurant.

“I just realized that I’m done financially trying to carry this place,” said Wynn, adding that one of the hardest parts of closing the business was laying off the employees.

“We’re like family,” he said.

Unless a new owner is found, Monsterland will shut its doors for good on Jan. 19.