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Production company creates their own Human Torch

Thinkmodo, the guys behind the “devil baby” prank and the “super strong meter maid” viral video came out with their newest hit Monday. This time, the video marketers created a drone resembling the Human Torch and released it in New York City to promote this weekend’s premier of  newest Fantastic Four revival.

The video shows a Styrofoam flying drone, lit on fire and released into the night for an unreal illusion of the Marvel character.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh good idea, lets release a literal fireball into one of the most populated areas in the country,” but Adweek reports every safety measure was taken to make the video safe and several drone-operating professionals were on hand. Also assisting was Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy bringing along 10 firefighters, two chiefs, fire trucks, water, CO2 and gas masks.

The video released Monday morning has already received over 10,000 hits.

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