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People fail: Hitchhiking robot’s trip across US meets quick, brutal end

The robot hitchhiking its way across America got its bell rung but good in Philadelphia over the weekend, ending an experiment that was designed to see how people would interact with the robot.

The worst possible answer to that question was delivered in the home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, where hitchBOT was reportedly left in pieces, like Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz,” two weeks into his U.S. visit.

The bot from Canada started his adventure near Salem, Massachusetts, with a plan to reach San Francisco, depending on the kindess of strangers to get there.

The kindness came to an end in Philly, where, in a note posted to the bot’s research team website, the little traveler “was vandalized” in Philadelphia.

And so it ends. But good times were had by those who met the hitcher.

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