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Chandler is relocating some of their red-light cameras

Red-light cameras in Chandler will be relocated as soon the city council approves the plan.

“We’re keeping the same number of intersections, which is 12, but we did an analysis on the appropriate locations for them to be,” said Chandler Police Commander Matt Christensen. “So we’re moving them from what used to be our high accident intersections, to what are now our high accident intersections.”

Christensen said he believes the data indicates the cameras work.

“I believe that they had a significant impact on the reduction of traffic accidents and more specifically the reduction of injury accidents,” he said.

The move won’t take place until April 2016 if the city approves a 5-year contract with American Traffic Solutions.

Once approved by city council, Christensen said motorists should see alerts for about half of the 12 cameras that are moving to new intersections. Plus, police will give warnings for the first 30 days those cameras are in the new locations.

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