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The 10 most popular DIY articles and information

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One of the best resources Arizona Homeowners have access to is the state’s largest collection of do-it-yourself articles and information on

We’re finding that our DIY Q&A section attracts hundreds of thousands of homeowners from all over the country, due to the relevant and helpful information we’ve collected over the past 28+ years.

In fact, in the last 18 months, this section alone has had +700,000 views of our helpful homeowner information.  To give you a taste of the variety of helpful information you’ll find, here’s a countdown of our 10 most popular questions & answers:

No. 10:     Copper or plastic? Depending on when it was built, your home may have either copper or plastic plumbing pipe. In terms of what’s best, it’s a case-by-case decision, usually based on water acidity and how long you’ll be living in your home.

No. 9:       Ceiling fan’s direction? Many folks are intrigued that their ceiling fan has two directions. If you are intrigued as well, this article will help you discover the answer.

No. 8:       Septic drain field flooding?  Something as simple as a bad flapper valve on a toilet (causing it to run continually) can cause a septic systems drain field (or leach field to flood). The other causes are covered in this article.

No. 7:       Tile roofing materials? There are pros and cons to having a tile roof; and knowing which materials is best for our heat. If you’re considering a tile roof, you might want to consult this article.

No. 6:       Nail polish vs. wood floors? For those that have ever spilled nail polish on wood floors, you know what a mess it can be – and potentially very harmful to the finish. Visit this article for a few suggestions on careful cleanup.

No. 5:       Converting your carport? Some folks want to convert their home’s carport into a garage. It takes more than just putting up a couple of walls and a garage door. If you’re considering doing this, this article is a must read.

No. 4:       Converting a wood fireplace to gas?  Safety is key to keep protect your family and home from harm – so be sure and hire a professional for this project. You’ll also want to follow my contractor requirements outlined here.

No. 3:       Kool decking vs. acrylic?  When it comes to the deck material around your pool, there are a number of pros and cons for of these two common approaches. If you’re considering one or the other, this article will be very helpful.

No. 2:       Mixing up mortar? Most of the time you can get the job done with pre-mix bags very commonly available. In the event you do need to mix it up yourself, this article will give you the ratios you need based on the type of mortar you need.

No. 1:       Crickets bugging you? One of the biggest problems with chirpy crickets in your home, is that other more serious bugs like scorpions and spiders are likely to follow. This article gives you a few good approaches to considering when looking to rid these buggers from your house.

So there you have it. The top 10 DIY Q&A articles from our home improvement database and library. We have more than 1,400 articles spanning even more topics than this assortment! We’d encourage you to visit our DIY Q&A section and bookmark it. If you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to submit your question, email it to, or listen and call in anytime Saturday morning from 7-11 a.m.

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