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Chandler, Ariz. officer replaces stolen bike for woman with autism

Chandler Police Officer Ruben Sanchez gifts a young woman with a new bicycle. (Facebook/Chandler Police Department)

PHOENIX — For many police officers, stolen property calls are pretty common, but one officer decided to go the extra mile and replace the item for a young woman in need.

Chandler Police Officer Ruben Sanchez was called to the scene of a missing bike at the home of a young woman with autism earlier this month, according to a department Facebook post.

The bike was an essential part of the woman’s motor skills development and would be difficult and expensive to replace, the woman’s family said.

When Sanchez realized how essential this bike was to the woman, he decided to reach out to a friend at Walmart to replace the stolen bike.

“Today, just after 4PM, Officer Sanchez and Walmart presented the bike to a very happy and excited young lady!” the Facebook post said.

Not only was she gifted with a new bike, but a new helmet and a sturdy lock as well.

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