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Key and Peele flip athlete, teacher pay in ‘SportsCenter’ parody

In an alternate universe, teaching could be at the forefront of our society’s values while sports sit on the backburner.

How different would the world be if the teachers were the ones cashing multi-million dollar checks while athletes were forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Key and Peele, a duo from Comedy Central, delivered us to that alternate world in this hilarious satirical skit mocking today’s society because it gives teachers the chance to be idolized. Even better, it’s done in the style of ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

Complete with professional teaching drafts and teaching highlight of the day, this sketch is sure to make you laugh and also think about the way we value education today.

Just a side note: We bet some teachers would love this, and with school getting back in session, it may not be a bad idea to send this on over to Mrs. Smith. After all, extra credit can never hurt!

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