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Officials urge for parents to update kids’ vaccinations as school begins

PHOENIX — As the time comes to usher children back to school, state officials are encouraging parents to make sure their vaccinations are in order.

Jessica Rigler, Chief for the Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Arizona Department of Health Services, said proper vaccinations are necessary for most children to enroll in school.

“It’s always important for parents to remember that there are certain vaccinations required for school entry,” she said.

Children going into kindergarten and 6th grade tend to have the highest amount of vaccination requirements, according to Rigler, who recommended that parents make sure their children’s vaccinations are up to date.

For parents who are skeptical about getting their children vaccinated, she said they should go to their doctor with any questions.

“As a parent, I know that your No. 1 job is to keep your kids healthy and safe,” Rigler said. “So I understand if parents have concerns about vaccines because they don’t have all the information.”