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Arizona Coyotes want regular meetings with Glendale city leaders

GLENDALE, Arizona — With the differences between the Arizona Coyotes and the City of Glendale settled for now, the team’s leadership said regular meetings with the city council would help improve their relationship.

Co-owner Anthony LeBlanc addressed the council Friday with thanks just after it voted to rescind its June 10 cancellation of a lease and management agreement with the Coyotes.

But LeBlanc also came with a proposal.

“I’d like to propose that we begin a standing meeting; a quarterly State of the Coyotes in Gila River Arena,” LeBlanc said.

The meetings will be an opportunity for the Coyotes’ ownership to keep the council apprised of what is going on with the team and arena, something LeBlanc said the council has done a poor job with.

“I think we’ve had a very good relationship with city staff, with city managers but there is no question that we didn’t do a good enough job of engaging city council,” he said.

LeBlanc pledged he and the team would do better in the future and said the regular meetings could be a good way to rebuild trust between the team and the city.