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Scottsdale, Ariz. ranks among best cities for ‘staycations’

Summer is right around the corner, which means so is the time for extravagant vacations to exotic destinations — and paying the exorbitant bills that come with living a life of luxury.

If you aren’t looking to rack up an expensive travel bill this summer, consider looking into a staycation, or a vacation at home.

Scottsdale, Arizona recently ranked No. 4 on a list of the best cities in the nation for staycations, according to

Scottsdale also ranked No. 1 for most golf courses per 100,000 residents and No. 4 for most spas per 100,000 residents.

Lori Pennington-Gray, associate professor of tourism at University of Florida, said the most important aspect of taking a staycation is drawing clear boundaries between work and play.

“A staycation cannot really replace a vacation,” she said in an interview with WalletHub. “Typically, if people stay home, they tend to still respond to work calls, do chores around the house, so the benefits of ‘getting away’ are more difficult to achieve.”

Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Cincinnati, Ohio and Boise, Idaho joined Scottsdale in the list of top five cities for staycations.

Jersey City, New Jersey; Fremont, California; Anaheim, California; Santa Ana, California and Chula Vista, California all ranked within the worst cities in the nation for staycations.