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Faith in Humanity: Strangers pay parking meter for mom as she waits with son in the hospital

Kaylee Goemans rushed her 6-week-old son, Dominic, to the hospital when her family doctor found a knot in the little one’s intestine.

After parking, she put change in the meter, but the hospital visit grew longer. Doctors needed X-rays and an ultrasound on Dominic, and the 27-year-old mother realized she wouldn’t be able to add to the meter, she told CBS News.

“Will I get towed or just a ticket?” Goemans asked in a Facebook group for local Barrie, Canada mothers.

The responses not only answered that question.

One mother, who was nearby, asked what Goemans’ car looked like and suggested she could drop by and add change to the parking meter.

She did that, others followed and by the end of it, five women ended up helping Goemans avoid a ticket, allowing her to stay with her son in the hospital.

“It made my situation so much less stressful — so I was able to focus on my son’s needs and not about the car being towed,” Goemans told CBS News