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Arizona man with cancer checks meeting David Beckham off bucket list

PHOENIX — An Arizona man diagnosed with a rare form of cancer was able to check meeting David Beckham off his bucket list after the soccer star paid for his family to visit him.

Andy Moss, who lives in Mesa, was diagnosed with mediastinal germ cell cancer, a rare form of testicular cancer, in 2013. He’s still undergoing treatment, but his wife wanted him to make a bucket list all the same.

At the top of the list: meet Beckham.

Moss made a video appealing to Beckham and any celebrity who knew him — Ellen DeGeneres included — to set up a meeting with the former soccer player. Someone got the message, because Moss met his hero this week.

A photo posted by Leyla Moss (@leylamoss) on

In her Instagram post, Moss’ wife, Lelya, wrote that Beckham flew the entire family to Los Angeles and paid for them to go to dinner.

Nice work, Mr. Beckham. Nice work.