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Scottsdale police officer: Drivers should stay calm when pulled over

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Getting pulled over is a very aggravating and stressful time for all drivers, but a Phoenix-area police officer said it’s important to remain calm.

“Getting stopped is not fun,” Scottsdale Sgt. Ben Hoster said. “Try to remain calm. Talk politely back and forth with the officer.”

Hoster said arguing with an officer is only going to escalate the situation and could wind up with the driver heading to jail.

“Listen to what the officer has to say, and have a normal conversation,” he said.

Hoster said the driver is obligated by law to listen to some officer commands, such as those to get out of the vehicle, remain seated or keeping hands in plain sight.

When it comes to recording the traffic stop, Hoster said officers don’t mind as long as it doesn’t interfere with their job.

“It’s not really a big deal,” he said. “Since we’re recording with our own body cameras, they are welcome to do the same.”

Hoster did not comment about a video that showed the arrest of a woman who was stopped for an unsafe lane change in Texas.