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Presidential Politics with KJZZ’s Steve Goldstein and FOX’s Steve Krafft

Donald Trump visited Arizona and Bernie Sanders is on his way.

Presidential politics are reflecting more heat, if not more light.

Trump seems to have taken all the attention from the 15 (count ‘em) other Republican Presidential candidates. But most observers see his candidacy as a “flash in the pan” that will not last and will not win.

But who among the 16 Republican candidates is genuinely viable? Who is the first tier? Who has a chance of breaking into this group?

On the Democratic side, can Bernie Sanders make Hillary Clinton’s nomination less than inevitable? There are three other announced Democratic candidates; do any of these even merit a mention?

Two of the most astute observers in Arizona join the Think Tank this week to discuss: KJZZ’s “Here and Now” host Steve Goldstein and FOX 10’s longtime political reporter Steven Krafft.

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