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Moldova: 3 pro-European parties agree on new govt coalition

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Three pro-European parties in Moldova have agreed to form a ruling coalition that will demonstrate the country’s commitment to moving closer to the European Union.

The Democratic Party, the Liberal-Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, which together hold 55 out of 101 seats in Parliament, reached an agreement at midnight Tuesday.

Liberal Party leader Mihai Ghimpu called it “a good sign for Moldovans and our European partners.”

The parties met Wednesday to discuss allocating Cabinet seats and other political posts.

According to the agreement, the prime minister will be held by the Liberal-Democratic Party and the Democratic Party will have the post of Parliament speaker. The Cabinet seats will be shared among the three parties.

Radio Chisinau reported the parties had agreed to no longer appoint people to key institutions including the Central Bank, the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and the general prosecutor post. Nominations will now be selected on professional criteria.

The former prime minister resigned June 16 after a probe into the authenticity of his high school diploma and university degree.

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