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Collapsed Interstate 10 bridge could hurt Arizona drivers at the pump

PHOENIX — A collapsed Interstate 10 bridge could cost Arizona drivers more money at the pump, Triple-A said.

Linda Gorman with Triple-A of Arizona said detours around the closure are costing truckers both gas and time, the cost of which could be passed on to consumers.

“We get about half of our (fuel) supply from California,” she said. “The I-10 is obviously the most-used thoroughfare. In fact, over 30 percent that is on the I-10 is commercial traffic, a lot of those being truckers bringing fuel to our state.”

Gorman also said the market could overreact to the problem and drive prices up.

The bridge collapsed Sunday amid heavy rains in a remote desert area of California. The bridge, which sits about 15 feet above a normally dry wash about 50 miles west of the Arizona state line, cracked and tumbled into the flooding water below, the California Highway Patrol said.

KTAR’s Jeremy Foster contributed to this report.