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2-year-old girl critical after being left unattended in car

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — A 2-year-old Casa Grande girl is hospitalized in
critical condition after being left unattended in a car for over two hours.

Police said the girl was left unattended Sunday after her parents and their
seven children returned home from church Sunday in two different vehicles.

The girl, Hadley Sellaro, was breathing but unresponsive in a car in the
driveway when found by the family, who tried to lower her body temperature with
cool water while calling 911.

Police said the girl remained in critical condition Tuesday.

According to police, the family has cooperated with investigators and no
arrests have been made.

However, police said the Pinal County Attorney’s Office will be asked to
consider whether to charge the parents, 54-year-old Stephen Sellaro and
41-year-old Courtney Sellaro, with child abuse.