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Arizona forensic tech steps up, saves woman from attack

PHOENIX — After a civilian employee for an Arizona sheriff department risked his life to help another, coworkers took to Facebook to praise his courageous actions.

Brian Aronson, a forensic technician with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, was returning to the office July 14 when he pulled up near a truck in the middle of the road.

The Facebook post stated that Aronson noticed a woman trying to get out of the vehicle and then saw someone inside the truck grab the woman by the neck, punch her and attempt to pull her back inside.

Aronson stopped the car and told the woman to get in his vehicle for safety while the suspect drove off.

The victim told Aronson that the man had recently released from prison and was going to kill her, according to the Facebook post.

Aronson then called for help. The woman suffered only minor injuries.

“Brian went above and beyond; he risked his own safety trying to help this woman in a dangerous situation,” the Facebook post praised. “Amazing job!”