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Man in viral Arizona road rage video told police he was drinking

PHOENIX — A man whose road rage in Arizona led to an attack on a motorcycle rider reportedly told police he was drinking prior to the incident.

Lee Schismenos, 51, allegedly told police he had between three and five shots of whiskey before getting behind the wheel in Yuma. He ranked himself a four on a 1-10 scale of drunkenness.

A video of a confrontation between Schismenos and an unidentified motorcyclist fueled by road rage went viral.

Uploaded on July 12, the video starts with a news broadcast about the incident in Yuma before cutting to a motorcycle rider’s view of the event.

In the video (WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND DISTURBING CONTENT), Schismenos is seen walking up to a motorcycle rider after some sort of issue in traffic. He then takes a swing at the rider before pushing a passenger and the situation escalates.

The rider does not retaliate, but eventually pins Schismenos to the ground and tells him to calm down.

The video’s description said Schismenos broke his ankle during the scuffle. It also said he was arrested on multiple charges.