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Jindal, allies report $9 million take for presidential bid

WASHINGTON (AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican presidential candidate, has raised about $579,000 for his campaign, while his outside allies say they’ve collected $8.7 million more to help spread his message.

Jindal announced his candidacy June 24 and raised most of his campaign money in about a week. Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show he is drawing most of his contributions from a base of supporters in Louisiana and spent about $65,000 by the end of June.

Like each of the 17 expected GOP presidential contenders, Jindal also benefits from outside allies.

There’s a super PAC, a nonprofit policy shop and a third fundraising group — each of which can accept checks of any size from donors. That trio raised a collective $8.7 million, said Brad Todd, a senior strategist to the super PAC, Believe Again. Almost half of the total can’t be confirmed because it went to America Next, a nonprofit that keeps its donors secret and doesn’t have to disclose any fundraising information to federal regulators until next year.

Most presidential candidates must file their initial fundraising reports with the FEC by midnight Wednesday.

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