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Workers protest, fast over poor working conditions at Tempe hotel

PHOENIX — Workers, community activists, public officials and union organizers wrapped up a protest and fast in front of a Tempe hotel Tuesday.

The group began fasting in solidarity with some of the housekeepers at the Tempe Mission Palms on Monday in protest of what they say are poor working conditions.

“These employees have said they’ve had enough,” Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo said. “They’re standing up for their rights.”

Gallardo, who participated in the fast, said the group wants to send a message to the hotel.

“What they’re asking for is better working conditions; they’re asking for the hotel to come, sit down with these employees (and) talk about some of their grievance(s),” he said.

The hotel has increased demand on housekeepers by requiring them to clean more rooms per day, Gallardo said. He added that the hotel is not providing them with the supplies needed to safely perform their job.

“Unfortunately, this hotel is putting them in a position where they have now health issues. They’re now having stress because of the types of working conditions,” Gallardo said. “They’re not asking for additional money … they’re asking for better working conditions.”

An attempt to reach the hotel for comment was unsuccessful.