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Study: Arizona among the least energy-expensive states

Source: WalletHub

PHOENIX — With the scorching July summer in full swing, air conditioners are being used and abused which leads to energy costs through the roof. Thankfully, Arizona is one of the least energy-expensive states in the nation.

A study, conducted by personal finance website WalletHub, ranked states based on eight key metrics, including the consumption rates and prices for electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil. Arizona placed near the top, at No. 5, ahead of New Mexico and Illinois.

Arizona ranked seventh in the U.S. in natural gas consumption per total housing units and ninth in monthly natural gas cost.

Though Arizona was placed 36th in monthly electricity costs, the burning temperatures are a blessing in disguise, with the monthly home heating oil cost ranked fourth, at one cent a month.

The District of Columbia, Colorado, Washington and Oregon were the only states on top of Arizona on the list.

Rhode Island, Alaska, Massachusetts, Wyoming and Connecticut made up the bottom five.