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Map shows graduation rates from every school district in America

Thanks to a revealing map provided by the Hechinger Report, high school graduation rates from virtually every school district in the country can be compared and contrasted like never before.

Since the government instituted a universal way of calculating high school graduation rates in 2011, it has allowed for more apples to apples analysis of graduation rates from coast to coast.

However, while the map is a better representation of the state of high school graduation rates across the country, the picture painted by the Hechinger Report still has it’s notable shortcomings.

For one, the statistics used are from 2013, as a number of states have not yet reported their 2014 numbers. Additionally, the data provided doesn’t include rates reported from charter schools or private schools.

According to the map, only five school districts in Arizona reported high school graduation rates higher than 95 percent, with the vast majority reporting graduation rates of 80 percent or lower.