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Donald Trump fires up supporters at Phoenix rally

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign arrived in Phoenix amid much fanfare from supporters and those against.

Trump arrived shortly after 3 p.m. after being delayed about an hour after he gave a speech earlier in Las Vegas.

Trump, who has been talking about illegal immigration since he announced his candidacy, started his speech by talking about the issue.

In addition to speaking on illegal immigration, Trump talked about trade.

Trump touched on many subjects, including China.

Trump spent a good portion of his speech talking about various companies he had a history with.

Trump later came back to the topic of immigration.

He touched on the Democratic Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump would continue speaking for over an hour at the event.

The event was moved from the Arizona Biltmore to the Phoenix Convention Center after the demand outgrew the Biltmore.

People started to arriving at the convention center around 1 p.m.

Outside there was a mix of protests over Trump’s remarks against illegal immigration. Meanwhile inside supporters heard from the mother of Mesa police officer, Brandon Mendoza who was killed by an illegal immigrant.

At one point Trump’s speech was interrupted by protesters.